Seven Star Stage History - Part 1
Time:5/20/2011 11:38:55 PM

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Well, at the beginning of civilization, two people made a division between them give the people of civilization and the civilization's loo ... but over time the people had a terrible fight thus causing disasters and wars at the same time ... and this is where we begin our story ...

I'm Akylles and my friends Bryan, Claire, Jet and Mark went through many other places before coming to this place seems strange to uninhabitable. I spoke to Bryan, who was a great magician wise
_Bryan, I see here is in ruins .... he could not have survived here (talking about watching the Horizon) Let's leave this gloomy place .. I have this bad feeling lugar.não understand why everything is so!? ..

Then with a melancholy face half responded
_Kylles, This place was not so old. There was lots of people. After some time here it was divided into village and village It's loo.

Then we follow. And we entered a place that seemed like a great casa. Então saw that residents had been transformed into monsters which had no human form but erão carnivorous and aggressive.

Along the way Bryan explained to me that this place had been called the tower of the mighty Star Guo and that residents loo's created a place that she gets up until it strengthens itself and you get all of his strength. To create an aberration after so ... a giant spider monster and that this would be the gateway for all its power.

At first I admit I did not understand what Bryan said, but trusted him because he was a friend of infância. Ele said this place was not only the place given to Star Guo, But it would also be an improving spells dark place ... also told me that a green robe was Master who taught her all the Star Sorceries Guo and spells and then he looked up and penetrated with a look half sad ... I saw a tear dripping from his eyes that just landed. After I saw men's loo Monsters who approached to attack us and got ready for the battle was near .........

(What will happen to Akylles and your friends? .. What is the secret that hides Bryan? How does he know both the village and Dais Field's loo? What
Star Guo want with the aberration? What will happen now? What will face Akylles to discover the secret of Bryan? CONTINUES ..........)