Guide to Reporting Botters
Time:6/22/2011 3:10:17 PM

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Hey everyone,

I thought I would leave a note here so that everyone can understand how the process works for reporting botters. I know there is some confusion and frustration when it comes to players getting/not getting banned. Hopefully I can help clear some of that up.

When reporting botters, your best bet will always be to report to an online GM or MOD. The reason for this is that GMs 99% of the time will not ban someone unless they actually observe them botting in person. This is to avoid any player complaints for those making false statements about botting. Yes, videos do help, but again, the GMs need to actually see it while it is happening. If you report botting to a GM or MOD, it does not mean there is an instant ban on that person. The accused player will be monitored secretly by the GMs until the botting can be verified. I do not recommend PKing a botter until the botting has been verified by a GM or MOD. After you have reported it and the GM or MOD has come to verify, feel free to PK =)

Should there not be a GM or MOD online, you should send your report of a botter to the Support Team. They will relay the information to the GM and the player will be monitored over the coming days.

As always, there will be those few that are tricky and will somehow slip through the cracks. This does not mean you should stop reporting them! One day they will make a mistake and we will get them =)

I know the weekend events can be very tough as GMs are not typically online. Each server should have a GM online that logs every now and then on the weekend. If you can't get a hold of them, contact your MOD to see if the GM is online.

Remember, GMs are the only ones with the authority to ban players. MODs can only kick the botters offline. However, we do report the activity directly to the GMs for the players to be monitored.